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Young professionals Jeremy and Caden have been in a relationship for several months when an incident occurs that destroys trust, ignites resilience and forces introspection. 


a short film shot in Northern Colorado


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we are


Patrick Call - Jeremy

Daniel Van Note - Caden

Abena - Detective Delaney

Benjamin Hess - Writer/Director

Jamal Page - Producer

Maja H.Ahmatovic - Exec. Producer

Roland Hess - Exec. Producer

Hudson Bloom - Cinematographer

Benjamin Hess - Editor

Becky Frazee - Makeup Artist

Dillon Cole - Sound Technician

Gabby Jagoras - 1st AC

Ryan Frazee - Gaffer

Antonia Yanez - Prod. Assistant

Mollie McCoy - Prod. Assistant

director's statement

The story of "Head" is based upon actual events. Sometimes in life there are no true winners, only participants who can try to find small victories and lessons learned amongst the pieces of the things that happen to them.

I wanted to tell this story to show that there aren't often easy answers to questions that we think we know the solution to and pre-conceived notions deserve to be challenged regularly.

In real life, the story ended differently; more tragically. I wanted to tell the story in a way to give some justice to the characters that was lacking before.

I wanted to show the humanity behind mistakes, even grave ones. 

production stills

behind the scenes

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meet our cast

screenings and awards

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